Tiny Tigers



The Tiny Tigers Program at Black Belt World was carefully developed with a detailed curriculum. The program focuses on improving preschool aged children’s essential listening and motor skills. The development of these skills is important for proper childhood development.

Our Tiny Tigers Program teaches our students, between the ages of three and five, both of these skills so they are able to enter society with an enthusiastic approach and more confidence. Our unique program helps children of this age and beginning taekwondo level to learn respect with appropriate responses, like “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir”, as well as a positive attitude of “Yes I Can!”

Our Toronto taekwondo school’s Tiny Tigers Program will enhance the positive development of your preschool aged child in an energetic, motivating, and fun way. To learn more about this or our other taekwondo programs, call Black Belt World at 416-533-1221 now.