Toronto Taekwondo High Performance Athletes and Coaches Programs

Black Belt World’s High Performance Athletes and Coaches (HPAC) Programs are a specialized service offered to athletes and coaches. Our HPAC programs were created to provide a comprehensive training resource program so that both athletes and coaches can fulfill their ongoing developmental and elite-performance techniques, abilities, and skills.

All of our HPAC programs offers athletes and coaches an individualized approach that incorporates the latest cutting edge technologies and resources. Students enrolled in our HPAC Programs are taught by some of the leading speed and power coaches in the world.

Here at Black Belt World, our HPAC Taekwondo Programs were developed using the Taekwondo Philosophy and the Tenets of Taekwondo. These teach us that in order to achieve performance excellence, one must rely upon the proper and correct long-term planning, while taking an integrated and holistic approach to athletic development.

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  • Master Shin Wook Lim

    Director of High Performance Athletes and Coaches (HPAC)
    Current National/Olympic Head Coach of Taekwondo Canada

  • Ivett Gonda

    Deputy Director
    Two Time Olympian and 11 Time National Champion