Are you looking for something exciting, fun, and different to do with your family in a family-oriented atmosphere? Then why not take advantage of Family Taekwondo Toronto Programs here at Black Belt World?

As a family-oriented Toronto taekwondo school, our top priority is to maintain and preserve the spirit and core values of family as part of our culture. During our family classes, we encourage and welcome all family members to attend and participate, regardless of your skill level and current abilities.

Our Family Taekwondo Toronto Programs openly invite any children from the age of 6 and older, teens, men, and women to attend. When you share the experience of our family classes, you and your family benefits from a healthy, fun, and positive activity you can do together.

At Black Belt World, all of our taekwondo programs, including our family classes are developed using the Tenets of Taekwondo, including:

  • Taekwondo Philosophy
  • Taekwondo Spirit
  • Taekwondo History
  • Fighting Techniques
  • Focus Training
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Striking Techniques (Hands and Feet)
  • Blocking Techniques (Hands and Feet)
  • Conditioning and Stretching
  • Poomsae (Traditional Taekwondo Forms) from Tiger #1 to Tae Geuk Ee Jhang

To learn more about Black Belt World’s Family Taekwondo Toronto Programs, contact our taekwondo school in Toronto today by phoning 416-533-1221.