Master Ivett Gonda

When she was just eight years old, Master Ivett Gonda began her Martial Arts and Taekwondo instruction under the guidance of Master Shin Wook Lim. She began taking classes to help maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Little did she know, at that time, her passion for Martial Arts and Taekwondo would eventually lead to her becoming an avid and top competitor in National and International competition events. Throughout her training under Master Lim, Ivett actively participated in over 20 prestigious Taekwondo and Martial Arts competitions. Much to her surprise, she managed to rank very high in numerous competitions.

Due to her continued dedication and commitment, along with the ongoing guidance and training from Master Lim, Ivett has risen above and exceeded her original expectations. As a result, she has become a well-recognized Martial Arts and Taekwondo professional instructor and competitor.

Master Ivett Gonda has managed to achieve numerous accomplishments and recognition throughout her Martial Arts and Taekwondo journey. She won eleven Gold Medals at the Canadian national Championships, in several different events, including the Senior Nationals to the Olympic Weight Event.

Ivett is a two time Olympian Champion and won the Gold Medal in 2004 in Mexico during the Pam Am Olympic Qualifications and in 2008 at the Olympic Games in Beijing, China. In 2014, she won both Silver and Bronze Medals at the World Grand Prix Taekwondo Championship.

Ivett continues to enjoy competing in both national and international competitions, like the World Championships and the Olympic Games, when she is providing instruction in Martial Arts and Taekwondo at Black Belt World.

Ivett teaches both regular Martial Arts and Taekwondo Programs and the HPAC (High Performance Athletic Coaching) Programs at Black Belt World’s Vaughan (Woodbridge) and Downtown Toronto Headquarters locations.

To learn more about programs being taught by Ivett, the HPAC Program, or other Martial Arts and Taekwondo Programs available at Black Belt World, contact us today by calling 413-533-1212.