Message from President and Grand Master Chang


Black Belt World Canada has earned a reputation for being an educational and family-orientated martial arts institution, as well as being a specialist in the training and development of national, international, and Olympic level coaches and athletes. It is due to this reputation which has allowed us to become a premiere, world class taekwondo and martial arts academy. We provide the most well-rounded and holistic system for training our students.

We believe taekwondo is much more than gaining the benefits of physical fitness and self-defense and extends further to the development of our students as a whole, through their dedication, self-discipline, and training. Our curriculum has been carefully developed and adheres to the traditional sparring techniques, forms, self-defense, patterns, and more, while at the same time helps to promote the traditional values and morals, which have a strong connection to the art of taekwondo.

We are truly dedicated and committed to the mental and physical advancement of our students. We believe with dedicated training and guidance, every student can achieve a powerful body and strong mind, while enduring discipline and developing ethical direction. Black Belt World has trained our students to become positive role models inside and outside of the ring, and be true champions of life.

Black Belt World is excited to extend its reach beyond the martial arts and sport side of taekwondo and into the motion picture and television industries. We have helped train numerous stunt people, actresses, and actors in the proper techniques and form in order for them to be well equipped for the highly demanding action which takes place in many of the Hollywood blockbuster films and television series today.

Black Belt World offers flexible class schedule and rates, and is open six days a week to make it easy for our students to study while they progress and advance through the ranks. We are excited to offer a rather exciting and unique blend of martial arts and taekwondo training and physical fitness.

Black Belt World looks forward to helping you discover a new level of spiritual, mental, and physical health!

Grand Master Tommy Chang
Black Belt World CANADA