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Grand Master Tommy Chang is the manager and founder of Reelstunts, a professional stunt person training firm, responsible for training actors and stunt professionals for the motion picture and television industry. He is an 8th Dan Hapkido and 7th Dan Taekwondo Master.


About Black Belt World

Black Belt World was originally founded in 1986 in Raleigh, North Carolina in the U.S.A. by Grand Master Jun Lee. Black Belt World was established in Downtown Toronto in 1992, when Grand Master Chang introduced Canada to the world of taekwondo and martial arts. Since its founding in Toronto, Black Belt World has grown into one of leading taekwondo and martial arts schools, not only in the Greater Toronto Area, but throughout Canada.

Today, the original Black Belt World location in Downtown Toronto is now the headquarters for Black Belt World Canada. Under his personal influence and instruction, Grand Master Chang has taught numerous students, instructors, other Masters, and taekwondo and martial arts school owners. He has helped them become well respected leaders within the taekwondo community and society. Thanks to Grand Master Chang’s expertise and abilities, he has helped countless Masters become more enhanced and helped taekwondo and martial arts schools throughout Canada come into being.